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About Us
Reputation-based services to the principle of warm welcome to visit our customers, technical exchanges, and work together to create brilliant tomorrow.
    Yi Yi Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. is a industrial enterprise specializing in R & D, water treatment chemicals and environmental protection equipment design, production and sales. Now rely on 80 thousand tons of water per year special chemicals production and has a good reputation in the first level of water purification and water treatment equipment, and the "gold" gold service quality. The production service concept for the country to contribute to environmental protection.
    In the past few years, Yi Yi environmental protection has a long-term friendly relations of cooperation with hundreds of terminal customers to establish environmental protection involving chemical, pharmaceutical wastewater throughout the iron and steel, automobile, power, security doors, papermaking, food, medicine, hotel, electromechanical industry, pharmaceutical circulation cooling water, reverse osmosis agent. Pure water treatment equipment and reverse osmosis membrane. In protecting the environment and ensuring the normal operation of the system, extending the service life of equipment and pipelines, saving water and energy saving and other aspects have achieved substantial results, and obtained tremendous economic and social benefits.
    Yi Yi environment of college scientific research itself richly endowed by nature as the backing, with strong technical force as the driving force, to provide advanced worker of technology, design, complete the strict quality control, professional installation and thoughtful customer service for customer service, all to meet the different needs of customers.
    We will be in the service of CITIC defends "water treatment solutions provide one for customers, customers save cost, ensure that customers will focus resources on the company's core business purpose". For this goal, we will continue to challenge themselves, Yongpangaofeng, as in the past and the responsibility to customer satisfaction. Yi Yi to cooperate with you to create a better future.

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